I propose...to you!

I believe that I can fulfil the requirements of your wedding photography in Perth (and afar). If I can't I will let you know immediately. I want you to get the results worthy of your big day...
For this reason I propose: (and this may seem strange!)

Go away and talk / think about it - that's fine - BUT I'm going to ask you to do something weird - Pray! Just simply in your own words ask Jesus to guide you to the right photographer. I know you may not believe that God exists - or you may not know who He is (there's all kinds of religions & ideas about this!!) but that's fine He can tell you. I regularly talk to Him & He answers - I would find more joy in you discovering Jesus for yourself (not religion) than 'winning' your business.

If God directs you elsewhere that's fine! Follow Jesus - He will never let you down (though things may not be easy!)...and I can help you on this exciting new journey even if you don't want me to take your wedding photos.

In fact if you would like a free book to help you on your journey just contact me! (trust me it will help - and there are even a heap of readings for your wedding that you will love!)

If you want to use the normal method of thinking things through then read the list belowt. Don't worry I'm not a cult member nor promoting some religion or church. You will find me fun, easy and out going!
God told you! (did He? then go no further!!)

  • am committed to getting the results you want.
  • use high end Nikon (Full Frame D3) equipment with backup recording and spares just in case!
  • understand the time, money and pressure as the big day approaches and can help!
  • have good experience with many types of people and photography
  • am a normal, everyday, easy going Aussie
  • have a love of photography and people (so rare to find both!)
  • am emotionally aware - so can capture the moment
  • am committed to Jesus so operate with integrity and honesty.
  • pray before every shoot that Jesus would have His way in your lives, in ours and at your wedding!

and of course my pricing represents some of the best value for money wedding photography in Perth!

First thing to do is email me with the date of your wedding to see if I am Available or get a specific Quote for what you are looking for.
I'm not here to try to 'sell' to you - I simply offer a great service.