Perth Photographer Adam Keegan

Welcome to Scene the Light! - Photography by Adam Keegan. I am situated in Perth Western Australia and have a love of capturing images that will last a lifetime.
I am young, down to earth, fun loving and have a gift and passion of photography.

One of the reasons I love photography is that I have a terrible memory! Seriously - I love to look at the photos I have taken that capture a moment in time and experience the beauty & emotion all over again. This is why I am particular to take photos that reflect many aspects of a scene not just a static pose.

I believe it is an incredible honour to be part of someone's wedding day and treat it as such. When I look at photos of previous weddings I often get a great sense of the day long since out of my mind.

Landscape photos can have a similar effect as well - the sheer beauty, serenity or magnitude of the scene continually revives my awe of the Creator.

I find that the smallest animal, plant (even weed) or large tree has such intricate and amazing design I can't help but try to capture a portion of it.

Basically it comes down to created things reflecting how amazing the Creator is!

I also find architecture, cars, motorbikes and other man-made objects amazing - they reflect the creativity of man, his maker and the laws He put in place on this planet.
Why "Scene the Light"?
Well I have seen the light! I used to hate the very notion of 'god' and experienced first hand the destructive nature of religion...But a few years ago (14 now!) my eyes were opened.

Jesus clearly showed me His truth - and changed my life in many amazing ways. This change was not a once off thing and definitely not part of a religious program...

Needless to say He has shown me through experience and knowledge that the Bible is true and that He was and is who He said He was - God!

I am thankful to be free because of what He did...and hope you can be too. Don't worry I will not try to force anything down your throat! I believe that you will see something different in me & that will show you the message I have is true.

The Message?
Simple! You have sinned & are separated from God...condemned. But Jesus came to earth, was tortured, rejected & killed so that you can be free & united with God

If you think this is baloney, have arguments or reasons why you think this can't be true I'd love to hear them - seriously I'm happy to listen :)

- Adam Keegan

Inspired from above - Creative, Unique, Individual